Friday, August 22, 2008


Magda is the brainchild of one Magda Hasekonlsky of Varna, Bulgaria. Magda and erstwhile keyboardist/producer John Bollington hope to create a new wave of lo-fi chamber pop, using cheap vintage Casios. Thus far, their sounds has been met with either indifference or brief, mild praise. A one paragraph review in the local alternative press proclaimed their first show as "inoffensive, exactingly performed, but dull".

Magda's icy stare, cold demeanor, and well-deserved reputation as high-maintenance princess translate well to her musical style. Casting a foreboding presence, Magda sits rigidly, impassively, in a high backed chair while singing. Bollington's dark shadings and keyboard flourishes appear well behind the singer, making it known to the audience that the focus should be on Magda, not her accompanist. The effect produced is rather striking, though hardly memorable.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



The Souls of Defeat

Too clever for their own good.

Lack of Hedgehog

You know they're weirdos before you even see the wigs.

The Lonerist

Kid learned to play the guitar and record multiple tracks on his Mac.

Raining Stars

Goth ethereal new age. Their first album would be, "Let it Reign."

Twenty Past Tomorrow

Some kind of electronica-pop?

Their opener is a whiskeyed up garage band called Late: Thirty.


Canadian, obviously.

Victory Pumpkin


Common Trolls

Yeah, the Internet is full of them.


No, that's not a band name. That's a lead in to an explanation of where I've been, for the twelve people who are fans of this blog.

It's been a rough month. And the thing is, we are constantly generating band names around here, because we are getting wasted a lot. But I stopped updating them because thinking of things to write about them had become a chore. Because I don't know nearly as much about music as Comrade Kevin, who will teach you an upper-level course on the history of rock and roll, if you ask him.

But these awesome band names are piling up. So I'm just going to post them without too many words of explanation. Feel free to tell me what they mean in comments. Or, as always, to suggest your own band names. Anyone with two good suggestions can become a contributor to Open Source Punk Name Database.