Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kill Uncle Corndog

This request comes from reader Freida Bee. Thank you for your suggestion! In future, those who would like to participate, please leave us a comment with your proposal. We'll be glad to post it AND give you credit for the suggestion.



The largely silly, slightly satirical offerings of Kill Uncle Corndog's stoner rock are beloved by recreational drug users around the world. Studio recordings prominently feature such off-the-wall instruments as slide whistle and finger cymbals, all of which are nicely complimented by lead singer Donnie Gruland's quavering falsetto. Live performances often include lengthy interludes whereby group members jump off stage to play hackey-sack with the audience. Dig Me Some Uncle Corndog is the title of the band's official website.

The group has been known to release expansive double albums, deliberately neglecting to inform the buying public that the second disc of the set is actually the same mix as the first, albeit sped up considerably and played backwards. The title of each album is usually an extremely awful pun.


k's mumbo jumbo said...

Love it! I can actually picture most of these bands in my head now! And that leads to some frightening images.

May I suggest "Big Unusual Snot" which I picture being a band put together by a 14year old skater boy and his girlfriend "Cutter"
(if I put this in the wrong place, I apologize).

Freida Bee said...

I love what you did with Uncle Corndog!