Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jaimie James

The latest pop princess for the 'tween set, Jaimie James possesses good looks and absolutely no vocal range. In that regard she's just the latest in a very long line. Fortunately, computers can remedy the latter, though doing so is quite an effort and the label has to pay top dollar for the absolute best studio wizards. Though the technology has come along quite a lot in the years, sometimes James' singing voice sounds so processed that it seems she is singing underwater or in a cave.

James' voice is so bad, in fact, that she never even once risks singing live, relying instead on pre-recorded backing tracks. That phenomenon in itself isn't terribly uncommon these days, except that in most instances the backing band is highly proficient while the lead singer is not. James' musicians mime in front of the camera the same way their lead singer does, meaning that the entire performance is about as real as a three dollar bill. Or the Monkees.

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Dragon said...

what's funniest about this to me is that when i was a senior in high school, there was a freshman whose uncle was a promoter or somesuch and he tried to make her into a pop diva. they recorded a song called "love or infatuation," which was a mix of her saying "love or infatuation" over and over again and giggling on top of a techno track. her name was not jaimie james...it was jamie loring. but that is probably just because her uncle didn't think of it.

i do not believe she went on to a successful career as a pop sensation.